Tipping Stillages

picture of tipping stillages

These stackable stillages provide a flexible solution to the problems associated with the collection, storage and dumping of scrap and other materials. The addition of a strong tipping frame transforms the stillages into dumping containers that can be emptied by forklift truck.

We supply two dumping solutions.

  1. A stillage and a removable gear unit which are sold seperately. This allows for one gear unit to be used with several stillages.
  2. We also supply a dumping container with a fixed gear unit. This has a higher capacity than the removable solution.

The tilting skips are equipped with a release and tilting mechanism, connected to a rope that allows the skip contents to be dumped directly from the forklift.

The dumping containers within the frame have 180 degree rotation. The fixed tilting gear model SL155R comes with two rubber shock absorbers to absorb the impact of the dumping.

The skips come in a range of standard RAL colours so that they can be colour coded for specific waste types if required, you can select the colour from within the options. Alternatively a galvanised finish is available.

Delivery is FREE to mainland UK, excluding Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands. Please call for a delivery price to these regions. Prices do not include VAT. Products not in stock have a 4 week lead time.

Stillage Buy Online Now
ProductStillage Dimensions in mmCapacityVolume ≅
SL065R Stillage for RIB065 100080050013060800 Kg350 L
0.35 m³
0.458 yd³
Tipping Frame Buy Online Now
ProductFrame Dimensions in mm
RIB065 Gear for SL065R 1140730800
Tipping Stillage & Gear Buy Online Now
ProductStillage Dimensions in mmCapacityVolume ≅
SL155R Stillage with Gear 10001000800150602000 Kg718 L
0.718 m³
0.94 yd³

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Image Product Code Price
SL065R Stillage for RIB065 Z/STIL/SL065R £ 230.00 Free Delivery Options
RIB065 Gear for SL065R Z/STIL/RIB065 £ 399.00 Free Delivery Options
SL155R Stillage with Gear Z/STIL/SL155R £ 449.00 Free Delivery Options

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